I love traveling, but my current budget does not allow for very much of it. Instead I watch the Travel Channel in between my trips here and there. I also have recently started really enjoying cooking and wanting to learn more about cooking. I think it’s fascinating how cuisine varies in different places around the world, and how food is such an integral part of culture. I also like goals.

So, combining all of that I thought, wouldn’t it be fun, interesting, informative and tasty to cook one meal from 50 different countries?  I’m fortunate to live in a city with access to lots of international grocery stores and markets.

I’m partnering with my friend’s website: http://www.mealshare.org/ to invite friends to share these meals with me. I also have friends from a variety of backgrounds, so sometimes I’ll be cooking with friends who have interest and/or history with a particular country. Because I think friends and family are an important part of enjoying food.

I’m planning to document the meals on this blog mostly for my own enjoyment and to catalogue what I made.

I’m sure some meals will not turn out, given my limited cooking skills; my guess is we’ll end up ordering pizza more than once. But, I’m hopeful it will be a fun way to learn about the world, even if I can’t travel the world right now. I’ll be sitting on my couch browsing the world wide web learning about different countries, finding recipes, and dreaming about traveling. Hence, couch cuisine.


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  1. Hannah Barry says:

    Hi Melody! I recently found out about your blog from Chris Clemens who you met at a dinner recently. I’m involved with International Sister Cities of Rochester and would love to talk about fun possibilities for collaboration. You can get in touch with me at hrosebarry@gmail.com. Thanks!

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