Yemen: Shafoot, Aqdah with rice, Adeni beetroot salad, Fava beans with ghee, Khobz, Ghurayba, Shahee Mulaban

After about  a year hiatus from couch cuisine I’m back! I really missed it and taking a long break made me realize just how much I enjoy planning and hosting (and eating!) these meals. This spring I planned two meals connected to countries who are experiencing conflict and violence. First up: Yemen. Through the dinner I collected money to donate to the International Rescue Committee, an organization responding to the humanitarian needs in Yemen.

I’d never had Yemeni food before cooking this meal, and I’m now a big fan!

I started off by baking the Khobz bread.

There is just something about cooking bread that makes me feel like I can do anything. For a few minutes, anyway, until the kitchen fills with smoke because I’m using a makeshift system of a pizza stone and a cookie tray. But, it worked. 

Glorious, bread.

The main entree was Aqdah – beef stew. This takes several hours and smelled, and tasted, delicious. Totally worth the time.

I served the beef stew with the rice and Yogurt sauce used to the marinate chicken in this recipe as accompaniments for the beef dish. I loved the combo – so flavorful – and some people said the yogurt sauce was their favorite dish. I also served the beef dish with pickled lemon, which was a new item to many of the guests (and to me) and it was a bit hit or miss in terms of reception.

Speaking of favorite dishes, another favorite was the Fava beans with ghee. It was so simple and quick and quite tasty. I mean, ghee will do that 😉

I used these fava beans from the International Food Market, and this would be a great quick dinner.

For sides, I served Shafoot and Adeni beetroot salad. The shafoot consists of a yogurt sauce with some of the bread in it, a cilantro sauce and a fresh vegetable mix, all served with the bread – refreshing and tasty.

My food processor made the beetroot salad a breeze to make, and you might feel anger in your heart toward me if you try to make this without a food processor.

Dessert was Ghurayba cookies and Shahee Mulaban tea. These little cookies pack a lot of spicy punch. 

Basically, everything was a fan favorite and I would happily make and eat any and all of these dishes again. I’m also going to be on the lookout for Yemeni restaurants. 

Happy camper right here.







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