Adena and I took a day trip to Siena our last week and loved it. The main sites are the Piazza del Campo and the Cathedral, but there’s also plenty of charm just walking around the side streets, peering around corners to discover a flash mob drum corp, tantalizing loaves of bread, and fruit that makes you want to move in and stay awhile.2015-05-27 16.19.21-1 2015-05-27 16.19.33-22015-05-27 18.23.242015-05-27 18.21.172015-05-27 18.13.082015-05-27 18.44.11

We had cappuccinos overlooking the massive Piazza del Campo, followed by gelato of course. 2015-05-27 15.00.32

The cathedral was utterly magnificent.2015-05-27 18.30.52 2015-05-27 18.20.362015-05-27 18.02.412015-05-27 17.58.562015-05-27 17.13.00 2015-05-27 17.12.16 2015-05-27 16.52.14

We did the porta del cielo tour so we were able to climb to the rafters of the cathedral, and then to the roof. My issues with height and small spaces were overcome with lots of deep breathing, and I was able to enjoy the views.2015-05-27 17.39.44 2015-05-27 17.54.19 2015-05-27 17.48.05 2015-05-27 17.47.13 2015-05-27 17.39.51

We’d been on the lookout for an extra bag to pack all of our Italian treasures in for our flights home, and Siena delivered “Duffy,” who did a great job of keeping our wine, cheese, olive oil, purses, etc. etc. safe on the way home.2015-05-27 19.25.09

A delicious cheese plate at dinner, with Chianti house wine.2015-05-27 20.04.49

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