Ciao Cortona

In addition to returning to some of our favorites, we packed in a few new expotitions in our last week in Cortona. We were determined to find Bramasole, the house that Frances Mayes rehabbed, wrote about in her book, and still lives in. Success. 2015-05-26 12.25.50 2015-05-26 12.09.59We also outran a pending storm and booked it up the mountain to the top of Cortona and the beautiful Santa Margherita church. 2015-05-26 15.49.12-12015-05-26 16.09.222015-05-26 15.59.312015-05-26 16.00.39Once the storm hit and we were safely at home, we were treated to a doppio arcobaleno, a double rainbow, right outside our kitchen window.2015-05-25 19.58.50The neighbor across the street was looking outside her window, but couldn’t see the rainbow from her vantage point. Adena looked up double rainbow in Italian, and I yelled out “doppio arcobaleno”! She came rushing out of her house, looked up and yelled “niente vista,” never seen, and went tearing up the street, stopping cars, knocking on neighbors doors. It was quite a moment.

On our last day we made the rounds in Cortona, the piazzas, Nutella brioche at Bar Signorelli, gelato at Snoopy’s, and our last dinner in Cortona complete with a delicious ribollita. 2015-05-28 13.15.03-1 2015-05-29 21.36.162015-05-29 21.30.292015-05-28 16.28.292015-05-28 16.48.38 (1)2015-05-26 13.58.392015-05-29 19.49.34 2015-05-29 20.28.39-22015-05-29 20.01.512015-05-30 00.23.34The next morning we said ciao to our lovely villa and to Cortona.2015-05-29 17.36.532015-05-30 08.05.15I’m so grateful I was able to spend la primavera in Cortona, and for a taste of la dolce vita.

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