Last week I took to the train to Rome to meet up with Adena, her mom Nan and her sister Becca.  Adena is my neighbor in Rochester and we’ve bonded over food. She’s staying with me for the month of May, and is a big part of why this trip happened in the first place. Her mom and sister came for 10 days and were wonderful travel buddies. Our hotel was located near the Colosseum and right by the Roman Forum, and this was my view when I emerged from the subway.2015-05-01 13.29.31 View from our hotel.2015-05-01 16.15.38 We hit the ground running shortly after they arrived from their overnight flight and did a three hour walking tour with a guide, Dino, which was such a treat. We had a beautiful evening to visit and learn the history of Piazza Navona, Mussolini’s palace, the “wedding cake” building, several churches, and the Pantheon. We also went to a gelateria with 150 flavors, “gelato temple” as Dino calls it, and I was thrilled to find passionfruit gelato. 2015-05-01 16.56.13 2015-05-01 18.11.22 2015-05-01 18.22.35 2015-05-01 22.14.11 2015-05-01 18.47.40 2015-05-01 18.39.00

2015-05-01 22.14.27We had a great al fresco dinner a few doors down from our hotel – pasta tartufo, carbonara and gnocchi.2015-05-01 20.22.52-1 Early the next morning we met another guide, Emiliano, for a walking tour of ancient Rome. First up, the Colosseum. It was my first time seeing the interior of the Colosseum. It’s spectacular. I learned a lot from having a guide with us, and I had no idea that practically the whole Colosseum used to be covered in marble. Over the centuries the marble was stripped away bit by bit to build churches, palaces, etc. 2015-05-02 10.10.34 2015-05-02 10.11.30

2015-05-02 18.14.04 2015-05-02 18.13.52 2015-05-02 18.13.462015-05-02 10.47.582015-05-02 10.49.04Next we walked by the triumphal arch and climbed Palatine Hill, where the royal palace ruins are. 2015-05-02 08.55.592015-05-02 11.18.252015-05-02 11.43.192015-05-02 11.31.34The birds eye views of Rome from the hill were jaw-dropping.2015-05-02 12.20.22-12015-05-02 12.19.28

Allora (then) we walked through the Roman Forum.2015-05-02 09.53.032015-05-02 13.20.50  2015-05-02 13.41.59 2015-05-02 13.22.59 2015-05-02 13.20.58

And up to the Presidential Palace. 2015-05-02 13.49.20

We had lunch in the Jewish Ghetto and tried Roman style artichokes.

2015-05-02 14.06.54After a little down time at the hotel we saw the Spanish Steps (the pic is terrible but I loved all the fresh flowers on the steps), ate dinner, and glanced at the closed-for-restoration Trevi Fountain. A fun, full visit to Rome. 2015-05-02 22.09.54

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