Le More

Here are a few pictures of the villa. Le More means “the blackberries,” and although blackberries aren’t in season yet there are flowers galore.  2015-04-29 17.07.06 2015-04-29 19.55.28 2015-04-29 18.44.39 2015-04-29 12.32.25 2015-04-29 12.32.54 2015-04-29 12.33.582015-04-19 13.26.57

My downstairs neighbor, Leonello.2015-04-17 09.53.23-1 2015-04-18 10.18.37 2015-04-13 15.20.27-1

About couchcuisine

I like traveling, cooking and eating...especially with friends.
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2 Responses to Le More

  1. lisacour says:

    Its just hard to imagine that someplace could be so picturesque. I can feel the slower rhythm through your photos. You’ve done an incredible job making us feel like we’re sharing it with you. Such beauty!

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