Last week Enzo needed to go to Arezzo for an appointment and invited me to tag along to explore the city. On the way he said, “I think it’s time for a cappuccino (me) and a caffe (him).” He now knows my affinity for cappuccino. I also had my new favorite pastry – angelo dito, or angel finger. 2015-04-16 11.15.12In Arezzo Enzo dropped me off in the historical center to explore for a couple hours. It was a sunny, brilliant day and I joyfully wandered. 2015-04-16 12.20.282015-04-16 12.21.562015-04-16 12.24.20

2015-04-16 12.07.58Much of the film Life is Beautiful, which I love, was filmed in Arezzo, and I went to a few of the locations. 2015-04-16 11.50.50

2015-04-16 12.47.22 2015-04-16 12.47.18 2015-04-16 12.47.142015-04-16 12.55.02I visited La Basilica di San Francesco to see Piero della Francesca’s Legend of the True Cross fresco. 2015-04-16 13.08.14-1 2015-04-16 13.06.32

I met up with Enzo for a quick lunch, after which he remarked that he thought it was time for another cappuccino and caffe (it’s very non-Italian to have cappuccino after the morning hours, but I’m okay with that).

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I like traveling, cooking and eating...especially with friends.
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