We did a few quick stops on our way to our destinations.

We stopped in Bologna on the drive from Venice to Florence since it was right on the way and since it’s such a great food city. We ended up getting there when restaurants were already closed after lunch and before they opened for dinner, so we just did a quick slice of pizza and gelato. It’s a beautiful city, from the little we saw. 2015-03-31 15.08.18 2015-03-31 15.45.15

After we left Cortona we drove to Pisa to see the leaning tower, and also to drop the car off to switch to trains for the rest of the trip. Thankfully we found parking outside the ZTL (the permit-only zone) and close to the tower as it was a rainy day and we were on a time deadline for returning the car. It was worth the stop! I’ve been to Pisa before, and the tower still leaned more than I remember. The buildings in the rest of the piazza are really beautiful as well. 2015-04-04 11.18.27

2011-08-19 14.31.442011-08-19 14.32.002011-08-19 14.29.02

After Cinque Terre we took the train to Genoa in order to make the morning commute to the Milan airport easier.2015-04-05 20.11.28

We arrived in Genoa, at sunset, and were quite hungry after a day of exploring Cinque Terre. It was Easter, so many restaurants were closed and the ones that were open were packed. We finally found an open restaurant, had pesto pasta and prosciutto with pineapple, which felt very Easter-y, and went to bed since we had an early morning ahead of us. 2015-04-05 20.56.10-1The following morning we had a quick breakfast at the hotel, and headed across the street to the train station, so we really didn’t see much of Genoa. Mom and Aunt Chris took the train to Milan, and I took the train back to Cortona. Ciao!

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