There are no roads in Venice. The roads are waterways. The vehicles are boats. How great is that?! We dropped our car off in a cheap long-term parking lot at the Venice airport, which is on the mainland, and took a water ferry to the island. The ride took about 90 minutes (there are faster, more expensive options) and was a great way to arrive in Venice, thanks to dramamine. We arrived at sunset, which unintentionally became a theme throughout the rest of trip. 2015-03-29 17.44.06 2015-03-29 18.18.58 2015-03-29 18.33.19 2015-03-29 18.34.24 2015-03-29 18.44.09

Our hotel was very close to one of the water ferry stops, in the Dorsoduro neighborhood. After getting settled into a our hotel room, with a cute balcony overlooking a canal and walls covered in rich purple fabric, we headed to dinner. 2015-03-29 19.18.332015-03-29 18.59.21 2015-03-29 19.02.46-1

We had seafood risotto, fitting for Venice. I also had the best wine I’ve had so far – a Veneto Carmenere. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t write down the name of it. It’s quite something to be able to order wine from the very region in which you’re currently breathing. The same can be said for food. It makes such a difference in how fresh, delicious, and healthful a meal is. We walked around for a bit after dinner – the area we stayed in was quiet and serene, since it’s a little ways from the main tourist area, but still within easy walking distance. We took photos for a couple who had just gotten engaged. 2015-03-30 18.44.08 2015-03-30 19.52.28

The next morning we meandered through the streets of Venice, taking it all in and working our way towards St. Mark’s Square and the Doge’s Palace. Piazza San Marco has such a feeling of history and enormity to it.  2011-08-14 14.24.23

2015-03-30 11.24.51 2015-03-30 11.25.27-1The clocktower keeps time in 5 minute increments. 2011-08-14 14.44.10

We went into St. Mark’s Basilica and I went onto the terrace for a different vantage point. 2011-08-14 14.36.47

2015-03-30 11.55.25 2015-03-30 11.56.23 2015-03-30 11.57.202011-08-14 14.53.37 2011-08-14 14.53.49We then visited the Doge’s Palace with its stunning rooms, ceilings and prisons. 2011-08-14 16.28.04

After gelato and a nutella crepe to share we visited the Museo Correr, where the princess lived. This room was the “weekday lunch” dining room. Can you imagine?!? 2015-03-30 14.26.15

I loved these massive globes, luring travelers at heart. 2015-03-30 14.43.48

We  hopped on a waterbus to get a much-cheaper-than-a-gondola ride along the Grand Canal, hopping off at the Rialto Bridge.

2011-08-14 14.13.402015-03-30 15.33.44-1 2015-03-30 15.34.30  2011-08-14 18.45.44  2011-08-14 18.51.59

We shopped in the Rialto market and then rested our feet with some pizza and caprese salad along the canal. 2015-03-30 15.58.55 2015-03-30 15.59.44-1

2011-08-14 19.24.16Feeling rejuvenated, we strolled back to Dorsoduro and had a fun dinner, lingering to the point of accidentally being the last ones there. Our waiter was very gracious with us. 2011-08-14 14.08.38

2015-03-30 20.22.11We started the next morning with smiley-face cappuccinos and took the water ferry back to the airport to grab the car and head to the next stop – Firenze. 2015-03-31 07.38.37

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