Guten Appetit! – Austria

Austria: wienerschnitzel, warm potato salad, braised red cabbage, apfelstrudel900px-Flag_of_Austria.svgThis was the perfect meal to reconnect with friends I hadn’t spend time with in awhile. We enjoyed the warm, comforting meal on a crisp fall night with great conversation and fun stories of traveling.

I got to spend a few days in Austria when I went on a travel club trip to Europe in high school. We toured some of the Sound of Music film locations, so during our meal I played the Sound of Music soundtrack the entire time!

Wienerschnitzel is such a classic Austrian dish, so that’s what I built the meal around. Traditionally it’s made with veal, but it’s also often made with pork or chicken. I used chicken. I decided to use all Wolfgang Puck recipes. He’s a renowned chef, and often appears on my favorite show, Top Chef. I remember an episode a few seasons ago in which a contestant had to recreate Wolfgang Puck’s favorite childhood meal from Austria, where Wolfgang is from. So, here we go; Wolfgang Puck’s Austrian recipes.

First up, wienerschnitzel and warm potato salad, a combo that Wolfgang endorses with these recipes here. The wienerschnitzel is super easy! I bought thin-cut chicken so I just sprinkled the chicken with salt and pepper, coated with flour, egg, panko bread crumbs, and pan fried it in peanut oil.

DSCN2825 DSCN2826

The warm potato salad definitely paired nicely with the wienerschnitzel. This is another really simple recipe, though I added the onions to the potatoes to boil rather than having raw onions in the salad.

DSCN2823 DSCN2824

I made way too much braised red cabbage (recipe here) – I should have gotten a tiny cabbage. But it smelled delicious while braising, and the cinnamon and orange juice made it feel very fall.

DSCN2808 DSCN2815 DSCN2817

Purple cabbage is so pretty.

DSCN2801 DSCN2806 DSCN2818

Finally, the most fun part of the meal, the apfelstrudel! This was really fun to make. I had no idea how massive the strudel would turn out to be!


DSCN2783 DSCN2784 DSCN2786 DSCN2787

I made in the dough in my food processor, which made it so easy.

DSCN2776 DSCN2778 DSCN2779

The recipe calls for rolling the dough out on a tablecloth, but I used a (clean) pillowcase. The dough was so stretchy and pliable, and such a great texture!

DSCN2790 DSCN2791 DSCN2793 DSCN2795 DSCN2796

Once I added the breadcrumbs (which I made from ciabatta rolls), and the spiced apples and started rolling the strudel I realized that it was MASSIVE! I stared at it for awhile, laughed a lot, and tried to figure out how it was going to fit in the oven. It worked once I folded the sides in to create a semicircle. I definitely could have halved the recipe.

DSCN2797 DSCN2799


This picture that Laura took shows how enormous the strudel is.


We had a delightful meal and evening, complete with sourdough bread and Austrian wine.

DSCN2832 DSCN2834 DSCN2829 DSCN2830 Notes for next time:

Halve the strudel recipe and the cabbage recipe unless feeding a large group! I also should have cooked the strudel on parchment paper (which I was out of) since it stuck to the foil. And we ate the strudel a la mode, which really is the way to go 🙂



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One Response to Guten Appetit! – Austria

  1. Heidi says:

    Love the idea of using a pillowcase! Everything looks delicious.

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