Guten Appetit!

Germany: Spaetzle

I’m back with the cooking! For the fourth year in a row my friends and I threw an Oktoberfest party, an excuse to enjoy German food and drinks and celebrate fall.

My good friend Angela, one of the party co-hosts, has been a huge supporter of my couch cuisine project from the beginning. She wanted to help me cook German food when I got to Germany, so I’ve been saving that country to cook with her. A few months ago, she moved to Boston for work, and I’ve really missed her. She was back in Philly this weekend, so it was a perfect time to throw a party and cook German food with her. Here she is cooking the bacon.

We made spaetzle, which is sort of like a dumpling dish. Here are the ingredients:

First I made the dough.

Then you boil the dough in salted water by dropping it in small chunks. There are special spaetzle making tools out there, but we just used a slotted spoon.

I tripled the recipe, so this took awhile. It’s quite handy that the little dumplings let you know when they’re ready by floating to the top when it’s time to fish them out.

Once all the dumplings are cooked and rinsed with cold water, they are sauteed until brown with butter and onion (the onion is not in this recipe, I used half an onion for a triple batch) and a little bacon fat (also an addition to the recipe).

I then added bacon, parmesan cheese, and parsley (I omitted the chives which the recipe called for), because everything is better with bacon and cheese, right? 🙂

Oktoberfest was really fun, and it was great to have this hearty German food to munch on. Although he was too young to eat the spaetlze, this little guy was the hit of the party:

Love my friends.

A fun evening, and I think baby Eli is officially a fan of parties.

Notes for Next Time:

It was a yummy snack, probably a bit heavy for a full meal in and of itself. Best enjoyed with friends!



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