I know it’s been way too long since I posted, and even longer since I posted about a meal I cooked. This project has been really fun for me, and in many ways has helped me get through a difficult year.  This summer I didn’t cook much, partly due to lots of summer traveling, and partly due to not wanting to turn the oven on due to the weather being really hot and living in a 3rd floor apartment with no central air.

Given my lack of cooking over the summer, I started getting panicky about being behind schedule and not getting all 50 meals done in 2011. I’m a goal person, and I like reaching goals. Then I realized NO ONE will care if I don’t finish in 2011. I have plenty of other responsibilities that have firm deadlines that DO matter, and this project is supposed to just be fun. So, I did a little handy-dandy editing of my “about” page for this site, and erased the “cook 50 different meals in 2011” part of my plan. Now, it’s just “cook 50 different meals.” No time frame. Sigh of relief. And, yes, my Type A personality is quite obvious right now.

I do really want to get back to cooking meals from around the world and hope to soon. I miss having friends over and I miss cooking. The weather is cooling, so hopefully soon my oven will be warming 😉

About couchcuisine

I like traveling, cooking and eating...especially with friends.
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One Response to Update

  1. Dad says:

    UR back and better than ever

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