¡Buen apetito! – Cuba

Cuba: Ropa Vieja

Last week (Yes, I made this a week ago and haven’t yet blogged about it. I’ve had lots of bronchitis and not a lot of energy) I made Cuban food. I made Ropa Vieja, Frijoles Negros, Rice, and Mojitos. I also made Key Lime Pie (not Cuban, but I thought it went well with the meal, and this recipe is so easy and yummy).

Ropa Vieja is Spanish for “old clothes,” which sounds kind of odd but when you see it the name makes sense. It’s shredded beef that sort of looks like tattered clothing, my guess is that’s where the name comes from. Here are the ingredients:

Isn’t my dutch oven lovely?

The beef cooks for two hours and makes the kitchen smell really good.

It’s then simmered in a tomato based sauce. Note the tube of tomato paste. If you don’t have one of these you should get it. Recipes often call for just a bit of tomato paste, and using a can often results in a lot of wasted paste.

Beans soaked overnight:

Mojitos originated in Cuba and must be present when eating Cuban food 🙂

Emily and Justin and their super cute son Dylan joined me for Cuban dinner. We had a great evening! Justin is the creator of Mealshare, the super easy and helpful site I use to invite people to meals.

Notes for Next Time:

I love Cuban food! Next time I would add more hot spice to the beef as well as the beans.

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