¡Buen apetito! – Argentina

Argentina: Steak with Chimichurri Sauce and Alfajores with Dulce de Leche

Argentina is known for its meat, especially beef. So, I made steak with chimichurri sauce, a very popular sauce in Argentina. I marinated the steak for several hours using this simple marinade:

1/2 cup red wine
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
2 tbs olive oil
1/4 tsp freshly-ground black pepper

I adapted the marinade from this site:


See this beautiful steak?

I got the steak and most of my ingredients from Reading Terminal Market.

Reading Terminal Market is one of Philly’s greatest treasures. It’s an indoor food market with tons of variety and is a great place to sample a variety of foods.

The chimicurri sauce is so delicious and so easy to make with a food processor. Here are the ingredients and recipe:


I only used half a jalapeno and it was a perfect amount of spice without being overpowering.

My grill pan works great in lieu of a yard with a grill.

I served the steak with mashed potatoes made from the following recipe, it was so easy to make the mashed potatoes in my new mixer!


We had a delicious Argentinian Malbec to go with dinner.

I also made a popular Argentinian dessert: Dulce de Leche. You can buy this canned, but I made it homemade and after a few almost-mishaps, it turned out really well!

Here’s the recipe, which I halved:


It takes several hours, and here are photos of the process.

I made alfrajores, cookies which have dulce de leche spread between two cookies.

Although not seen in this picture, I drizzled melted chocolate on top of the cookie sandwhiches.

Here the dear friends I shared the meal and a lovely evening with:

L to R: Rae, Cody, Lalita holding Sienna

Me and the girls:

Notes for Next Time:

Everything was so delicious, make this meal often! And, listen to tango music while eating it.




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2 Responses to ¡Buen apetito! – Argentina

  1. Dd- says:

    Incredible – only word l have – incredible but looks very edible (sorry 🙂 would love some of that steak sometime – maybe a future tradeoff for some of Mom’s potato salad???

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