Bon Appetit – Bahamas

Bahamas: Guava Mousse

My favorite tv show is Top Chef, and this season was especially exciting because it was Top Chef: All Stars. Meaning the best of previous seasons were invited back to compete against each other. In fact, an episode of Top Chef from last season that involved cooking dishes from around the world is part of what inspired me to do this project.

I’ve loved this season, and the last night was the finale. The last few episodes took place in the Bahamas, so I thought it would be fun to make a Bahamian dish to enjoy while watching the finale. I was fortunate to be able to go the Bahamas with my family when my brother played in a basketball tournament there, and I have very fond memories of it. One of the most popular dishes in the Bahamas is conch. I did not think attempting conch would be a good idea, so I decided to make a dessert that uses guava, a fruit common in the Bahamas. Apparently guava duff is a very common dessert in the Bahamas, and I should have made that, but decided to do something simpler since I knew I would have a busy day and wanted to make something simple before the show aired. I found multiple recipes for guava mousse, and chose the simplest one for the aforementioned reason. Bad idea. I’m not even going to post the link to the recipe I used, because it’s not a good one. I won’t keep you in suspense: the mousse was not delicious. It was not even good. Alas.

Perhaps I should have suspected this with so few ingredients.

I whipped the heavy cream in the food processor, which is quite an easy and handy way to make whipped cream.

I won’t go through all the process of making the mousse, since it’s not not nearly as fun to do so when the result is unsatisfying. But I will say that the guava was a really pretty color and made me feel spring-y; this is before adding the whipped cream.

Here is the final result:

See those white lumps? Yeah. I’ve always thought you are supposed to gently fold in whipped cream, so I didn’t want to mix in too furiously. Which resulted in white lumps. Perhaps when making mousse the rules about folding in whipped cream don’t apply?

I took two bites of the mousse and decided it really wasn’t worth eating any more. It’s quite amusing (to me, at least) that I made a not-good dish to celebrate the finale of Top Chef, a show all about amazing chefs and food 🙂 Again, alas.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show and am sad that the season is over (yes, I even got teary-eyed at the end).

Notes for Next Time:

Guava mousse is a good idea, I just executed it poorly, as they would say on Top Chef 🙂 Next time, use a different recipe. Use sugar or some sort of sweetener, egg whites, much more guava and fresh guava. And mix the whipped cream in better. And serve in fancy dishes with fresh guava and lime slices. In other words, do everything differently 🙂

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