Cooking Inspiration

This weekend my family had our third annual winter getaway weekend in the Poconos. We had a lovely time together and we also celebrated my birthday. Check out these amazing cupcakes my mom made:

My family knows I’m into cooking, and many of their gifts were cooking themed. They were so generous with me, and I’m feeling even more inspired by their beautiful gifts.

A subscription to Food & Wine magazine, along with a fun bottle of wine:

This beautiful, and much needed, recipe organizer. Which you’ll notice matches a theme of this blog 🙂

And another gift that matches this blog:

This book is so much more than a cookbook. Along with recipes, it has tons of stellar photographs and information about cuisines in a variety of countries. It is gorgeous, and I’m so looking forward to reading and using it.

When my brother lived with me, he was well aware of the fact that I have many spices (and keep gaining more as I work on this project!) and that they are not organized in the most efficient way!

Yes, a clementine box. Urban living at its finest.

Jon and his girlfriend, Lauren, bought me this wonderful, and much-needed (!), spice rack. It will be so handy, and the colors of the spices are so lively.

Here’s to another year of cooking!

About couchcuisine

I like traveling, cooking and eating...especially with friends.
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