आप का खाना स्वादिष्ट हो – India

India: Chicken Curry with potatoes

Indian food is one of my favorites, and I’m fortunate to live in a city with a lot of great Indian restaurants. I’ve made Indian food before, but only the “cheater” way by using Trader Joe’s jarred sauces. Although TJ’s does a good job, it was fun to make Indian food from scratch.

I think people confuse curry with curry powder. Curry powder is a mixture of spices that you can buy in the store, but curry dishes vary…curry is basically a term used for a variety of spiced dishes, and curry dishes are common in Indian cuisine, as well as many other cuisines. The curry recipe I used was from my friend Lil. She was here the night I made Iraqi food, and when she saw the spice mix I used she said the mix was very similar to the spice mix in a curry recipe she had, so because I had leftover spice mix I decided to use it in a curry dish. Here’s the link the spice mix:


And a reminder of how pretty the mixed looked:

The recipe for the curry is below. I modified it by replacing the spices with the spice mix I already had since they were very similar. However, I also added chilli powder, grated garlic, and grated fresh ginger.


Here are my ingredients:

Remember that pretty basmati rice bag? I used more rice for this meal, and served the curry over basmati rice.

I love my rice cooker. It was left by a former roommate who couldn’t take it when she moved, and I’m so glad she left it over me, as it makes it so much easier to cook rice!

Because I modified the recipe, it’s kind of just added however much spice mix seemed right, I probably put about 1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons. Mixing the spices and the onions and cooking them down together made the kitchen smell amazing.

Oh, and I also love my wok.

Here is the curry with all the ingredients before cooking all together:

And here it is after cooking:

One thing I often forget to do is taste my food along the way. This time I remembered to taste it first and I added some more seasoning. I’m sure the need for extra seasoning was because I modified the recipe. I added quite a bit of a salt, and once I did the spices all “popped” more. A steaming bowl of chicken curry over rice, so perfect for a cold winter day:

Vernon shared the meal with me:

[Disregard the broccoli in this picture, I don’t think that’s very authentically Indian, but I wanted to add some green ;)]

Now I have plenty of leftovers, yay!

Notes for next time:

This was really yummy and I would definitely make it again. I do think it needs salt, which the recipe doesn’t call for. I might also thicken the sauce slightly.

Note to self: My favorite Indian dish is Chicken Makhani, or Butter Chicken, so that would be fun to try to make sometime.

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3 Responses to आप का खाना स्वादिष्ट हो – India

  1. Dad says:

    Del Curry – Steffan Curry – Sean Curry and Melody’s Curry – the Mo curry – the mo betta – a plethora of spicyness

  2. Dad says:

    Can’t wait for your next dinner post – Viva la Non-Violent Revolution

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