¡Buen apetito! – Mexico

Mexico: Enfrijoladas

My parents were in Philly last night to help my brother move. Mexican food is one of my family’s favorites, especially my dad’s. So, in honor of my brother’s last night as my roommate and since we were all together, I made Mexican food.

I wanted to try something a little different than the Mexican food I usually make, so I found a recipe by Rick Bayless, who was on Top Chef Masters. He specializes in Mexican food and I really enjoyed him on the show, so I thought I’d try his recipe. I used this recipe for Enfrijoladas, or black bean bathed enchiladas.


Here are my ingredients:

I also used his recipe for Chipotle Roasted Tomatillo Salsa. While my local grocery store has a lot of Mexican ingredients, I could not find dried chipotle, so used canned instead. However, the grocery store had beautiful tomatillos, which I’ve used in the past to make salsa and love them.

I needed avocado leaves for the black beans, and was able to find them. I toasted them before cooking them in the beans.

Admittedly, I have never cooked beans from scratch. I’ve only used canned beans before. Time for that to change.

The beans cooked for several hours and were very flavorful.

My attempt to bathe the tortillas in the black beans was futile, so I just scooped them on instead, and they were still delicious.

Here is the salsa link and pic:


I also made guacamole:

And virgin frozen margaritas:

And my mom made flan and brought it from NY!

Here’s my awesome family:

It was a lovely meal and evening, I’m so grateful for my family 🙂

Notes for next time:

I would basically make everything the same, it was delicious. I might not put any sugar in the salsa, as it was a little on the sweet side. Reminder to self: you love Mexican food!

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4 Responses to ¡Buen apetito! – Mexico

  1. Dad says:

    Awesome time Mel – awesome awesome fam time – awesome – awesome – awesome food. So much extra mile prep to make this dinner – guac was perfect, beans were worth the time you put into them, chorizo (sp?)was off the chart!! An honor to eat at your table, an honor to be your Pops. Rock On-

  2. Sunit says:

    That makes me really jealous! I’ve never cooked the beans from scratch before, always bought them as a tin. Did you find a good difference in the taste?

    • couchcuisine says:

      The beans were definitely better than ones I’ve made in the past, though I’ve never cooked them with so much flavoring so its hard to tell if it’s because they were not canned or because they were prepared better.

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